Monday, August 22, 2016

30 quilts in 30 days. Day 3

So last night I decided to start another project, I had a song stuck in my head and thought it needed to be made into a quilt.  This one will be for our lake cabin.

Pulling fabrics and cutting letters

Got to use up the large butterflies.  Two more rows to sew letters on and this one is done!!!

 I don't want to post the rest of the words in case I don't get around to doing them.  I did bring everything home to work on this evening.  Of course Carl came home tonight so  sewing time is if-fy

Here it is laid over the bed with the corners pulled up to show off the applique flowers.

I should name this one kitchen sink b/c I have used so many left overs.  It is so much prettier in person!

Picture of top right corner.  I had fun trying to make the butterflies disappear. It was hard but I stuck to a low contrast with bold fabrics and I truly love the outcome. 
I did NOT quilt anything again today.  I did get to visit with a favorite Niece, Abby from Cal. who is getting married this Saturday.  I am not attending but did shop for a new wardrobe just in case.  I told her I could get a few glammer shots of myself and she could photo shop them into the wedding party pictures.  We also discussed a wedding quilt.  I am several months behind but will pull the fabric I have in mind for hers.  My father-in-law (her Grandfather) would bring me back fabric from his trips to India.  I have made each of TaTa's grand-kids a wedding quilt from that stash.  Abby said she really likes purples so I will have to dig deep to see if I have any left.  I think the niece who got married last year go the last purple yardage.

To make the story more fun--Moya stopped by to visit and brought me 2 purple tops she didn't want.  We shopped my stash for border fabrics and found yardage of a purple that my mother-in law had sewn a dress out of.  A big smile knowing I can now make two quilts for Abby that have memories of her grandparents.

I like this green w/purple flowers but may change my mind.  I want to get the borders on before I decided it needs to be much bigger.  DIL, Kelly loves purples too so this might end up at her house on a couch someday.

This is the one for Abby, the floral yardage is left over from Ama's sewing days.  Another couch size snuggle under as soon as I  make myself start pinning them in.