Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days Day 5

So close today but no cigar.  I did actually pin in a top and almost quilt the first row.  I did get a lot of pictures

Purple top for Niece--Border fabric from MIL's stash

Second Purple top--this green is the original fabric I pick out.  Glad I slept on it b/c I really like the material I ended up with.

I played with my large bed quilt top and added a couple of more rows.  Am I crazy to enjoy the mix matched fabrics so much?  My new mantra is:  If it is ugly you just haven't use enough of it yet!

India print for the Niece's wedding quilt-- I will use a dark grey for the back

Abby's quilt has it's borders on

Close up of floral border

2nd purple to got a bit livelier --I think this is being held upside down but the turquoise palm trees really make me smile!

So this one was also from Moya, it was started DMS I pinned it in and will use it as a practice quilt to try out a few patterns.

First pattern I hope to try out--pretty busy

top is pinned in--yea me

I can do this---maybe---lol

well yes and no-  the machine is able, I am weak.  It really puts a strain on my back so I had to stop every 12"  I did get over half of the first row done.  Not sure if I will continue or practice different patterns.  I did break thread a couple of time but think it was a bad bobbin.

 My new favorite top.  I may tie this one-  it is really large-- I am guessing about 110 x 110 (ish)

oops, haven't squared up the corners yet