Saturday, April 30, 2011


May 31-  as you can see I didn't get this block finished.  I will work on it as time permits but now I am on to ideas for JUNE-INDIGO-  are you planning to join us in the Monochromatic Challenge?
5-04 update:  I played around a bit today with themes and layouts.  I really planned to do pieced flower baskets for this one.  They didn't get done.-  oh well, maybe next time.

Looks like this is going to be a raw-edge applique block.  Now I just need to decided if I want to use Red or Black thread.

Did you catch the S O S- (mayday) in Morris code in the upper left corner?  Luke 22:19  Do this in Remembrance of Me (Memorial Day)

5-02:  Karen asked me what I am planning, so here goes so far- I've sketched a few ideas -
I want to do pieced baskets,(May Day)
a heart w/MOM (mothers day)
haven't figured out memorial day(want to get that in there)
our oldest son, Michael's, bday is may 6- I have a footprint of his that I might try applique, turns out Son-in-Law, Nick's bday is may 27- two footprints!
so far all I've committed to is Red and White.
I probably should write this down on my TO DO list- lol

Yeah I can do RED!

first I need to get the puppies to pose for a photo, not only is this an on going Challenge, I am watching the pups grow up this year.  They are both now house broke, can sit and we are working on stay.  Neither has learned to say 'cheese'.  Jack and Oreo are now about 4 months old.

Again I am only doing one post for this color,  I will update as I progress.
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