Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plan B- I went with the YELLOW's

I had a very long day today (don't ask) I was afraid I wouldn't get to make a CHUNK of the Celtic Knot Mystery. I am still several chunks behind the pack but I think I can catch up.

I decided to trade my light blues for the yellows/browns and am liking it. Good thing about waiting is I get to see how others are interpreting the block and learn from their choices.

I am sewing a 2" sq and hope to have a nice quilt to gift sometime in my lifetime.

I showed you mine now show me yours! be good cw

I haven't been as good about getting my progress posted as I had planned. Lynne has posted the first 17 (of 25) chunks. She was nice enough to give us a 'peek' at how a couple go together.
I promised to show mine thinking that I would get the 4th chunk done tonight after church.
It is going to have to wait till later, I got the urge to watch an old movie and work on my sisters quilt.
Gotta admit I am LOVING how easy this is. Just wish I was a bit faster. I don't want to be too far behind for the reveal.- cw