Thursday, February 3, 2011

50 state flowers WIP (I don't do UFO's)

Jill had asked the question:

What are the main reason(s) you put PIGS and UFOs to the side.
I interpreted it to be:
Why do you have UFO's?
Not that I would admit to having any but if I did it would be b/c I think faster then I sew.
Case in point- I pulled 11 projects to work on in 2011. All are in some stage of progress.
I can pick them up and put them down at any time. (I really don't have a problem, it's the other sewers that have UFO's)
I have never been bothered by an Unfinished project. In fact I love them. I love to take blocks from others and re-create them into something that says :'Cheryl has been here'.
I love taking pieces I have worked on and re-evaluate them at later dates to upgrade to what ever I am interested in that moment.
In my mind I really don't have UFO's b/c I can start back on anything that interests me any time I want too.
I never put a date on a TO DO item. I don't sew for profit so I am not constrained by time.
I do journal (through my blog) my progress or at least my thought process. On individual quilts I have been known to print out the 'story' behind the piece when it is gifted to the recipient.
Some quilts take years to get to their final destination, it doesn't make them UFO's, they are just Late Bloomers!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
In reality I have as many UFO's as the next gal, I am just in denial and it is fun to annoy Jill b/c I know she has WAY more then me (I don't care what her number is, it is more then mine- if I had one)

50 state flowers is not sewing its self together but I am making progress. My distraction is I want to start playing with border ideas.
Probably another reason, things get piled up is I get too many ideas and have to wait till the brain settles on one to move forward with.
Now it is your turn, if you have UFO's- Why and..... When are you sending them to me?