Monday, June 11, 2012

Look You, I can Tie too! and other misc photos...

I have always wanted to make a Tie  Chair.  I found two chair frames at the thrift shop.

I double weaved the ties to make a sturdy seat.  I may decide I want to add a cushion between the layers of ties.

Nothing to do with sewing but this is my wall in the entry.  Kelly and I took down all the decorations.  She took home all the shelves and fish theme item.  I kept the bird houses for a different area.  This wall is now a catch-all for our bike stuff!  The metal embellishments are from Lowe's garden dept.  I added cup hooks to hang misc. from.

Kelly and I  rearranged the sewing room.  No I don't do a lot of sewing in there.  It is really more of a storage room for my sewing stuff.  One of these days I will de-clutter enough to make it a real sewing room.

This is the start of a scrappy Rug.  I wasn't real happy with the fabric in the letter "R" so I colored it with permanent marker.  Now I can see the contrast.  It helps to take a picture to see what works and what doesn't.

Some of my favorite photos of the Rooster Quilt.

Favorite pictures of the Orange and Black Wedding Quilt.
Quilt of Valor next in line to be quilted and returned.  I love this version of a string quilt!