Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sewing in my 'Office"

I have been doing my Spring cleaning in the Fall this year.  I work from home and really wanted to update my office.  I have two Brick and Morter offices that I can meet with clients, one in Springfield and the other in Ozark, MO.

My home office is for the late night computer work and other paper pushings that come with working with the public.  (Not everyone keeps a 9 to 5!)

I moved all the file cabinets from the back wall and set up a vinaigrette w/a spare machine to allow for a quilt seam here and there.

Thrift Store find.  You know me, if it has a black frame, it must be ART!!!

More example of inspiration and 'art'- lol

This is my next future TO DO in Stained Glass.  Why there is a can of spray paint on the window sill is anyone's guess.

Flowers laid out on the floor.  Some are sewn together some are waiting for just the right spot.
This is Command Central, I did a fuzz out so you wouldn't have to see the clutter. Or so I wouldn't have to see the clutter- lol   Who am I kidding, we all have clutter.

I need to get back to work!  cw