Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now I am staying off of Ebay (brag)

In my defense I did not bid on this one- lol  I know DIL, Kelly loves strawberries and this top would make a perfect one to quilt for her for Christmas.  I did offer to let her cut out red fabrics and make her own version of this vintage masterpiece.   We will have to wait and see it she gets one.  (If she is good, I will let her quilt it too!)

 Here are my latest E-Bay purchases in  no particular order.

I can't wait for the mail this next week.

This wedding ring top is one that I have had on my TO DO list, now I can cross that off- lol

 I have always been a fan of scrappy, this is another pattern that I enjoy seeing and now can boast that I have in my 'collection'

And scrappy and yellows--I love it!!!!
This Log Cabin is the sister to the top in our family photo.  I may have to quilt both to take to the cabin.  I love the fabrics in the first one so I know I am going to love this second one too.  Fingers crossed it comes in the mail this weekend!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Stay off E-bay for a couple of days or at least until the last several I bid on have closed- lol