Saturday, May 31, 2014

What? Still working on the yard?

Cement mushrooms have new glass globs glued on.  I can't wait to see if they get sparkly when the caulking dries.

 Connie gave me a wagon she didn't need anymore.  Flower Time!
 Wheel Barrow is an old one another friend shared when she moved,.  It didn't sell at the yardsale.  The white rocks are from Hubbies mom's flower garden.  I hope they will help hold the soil down when it rains.  I would hate to lose it all so early in the season.
 Wheelbarrow looks more like a rock garden then a flower garden--oh well.
 My bear that friends in KS gave us when they moved.  He will stand guard over the wagon.
 A reclaimed milk jug filled with broken pots and rocks.  I hope it enjoys a new life hosting flowers.
This new TO DO's is in an area that is hard to mow. It is a triangle area between the carport and a row of trees.  We usually just let it over grow and mow it down a couple times a year. Connie gave me a trailer full of large rocks that made a very nice base.  Hubby brought in a load of to full in.  I think after they get a chance to settle I will add a couple of more larger accent rocks to the area.

That's all the eye candy from today.  Special Thanks to the kiddos that helped move stuff around.  I hope to enjoy NOT mowing our new area.