Friday, May 16, 2014

Our yard in progress 2014

Hubby didn't want the bird baths set up until he had time to level and secure them.  I decided they are safer on the ground where the kids/wind/etc can't knock them over.  The pedestals make nice perches. Tipping problem solved.

Sponge Bob fish tank decorations give the birds company.

Every birdbath needs a sand castle- right?

I have seen more birds on/in the wagon.  None would sign the release to get photographed today.  Maybe next time.

Little Bunny Foo Foo's house -  Thanks Connie!

Another reclaimed piece, this one just needed a couple coats of clear sealer.  Ready to go for another couple of seasons.

Ceramic Roosters claimed the other two posts.

Girl and bench from my mom's place.  Kelly has dibs, I am just not ready to let her have it just yet.

My rose bush didn't make it through the winter, This is a walmart transplant, I did purchase another rose to keep in the house.  Maybe I can do better with it indoors.

Yard Sale, Thrift Shop, Friends cleaning their kids rooms.  My pole is getting populated!

high enough up we are starting to need a ladder

This one needs cleaned up, didn't want to disturb while he is sleeping.

Another nice set from my mom's yard.  So sweet!

large tree-  I have a couple of TO DO's in mind- stay tuned

Another TO DO pile-  I see flower logs in the future.
Special Thanks to everyone that knows I love your re-gifting!