Thursday, May 22, 2014

Low Priority, Non-sensible projects- DONE!

None of these things are like the others, lol

I enjoy thrift shops.  'Found' this light a year ago and thought it would look great in my sewing room.  Check it off the low priority list.  The room looks fit for the queen of sewing to take her throne!  And I shall someday.

Not low priority but a work in progress, a quilt top for a friend.  Hold me to showing it off soon.

Ceramic nicknacks and clear caulking, set on an old microwave plate and a lazy susan.  Work in progress- little but spooky with the candles lit and the lights out!

What TO DO with the box of  holiday houses I found?  Make a city and set it in the center of a kiddo pool.  A couple of packets of wild flowers should over take it by summer.  I smile every time I see more starting to grow.

Not from my TO DO list but daughter Sarah has been waiting to get this tattoo drawing of her boys done for awhile.   She showed it off yesterday and asked 'what do you think?'  I think it is a nice drawing for a coloring book-  not into body art. - Her brother Jess did a good job capturing the kids personalities..