Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tutorial- scrappy Blue Sqs (5 pcs)

I still don't know the name of this block. I am going to call it "Blue". If you choose to make one please call it what ever you like.

I am making my version using 2 1/2" strips (I had some handy and of course if you make a practice block you might as well just make a whole top!)

Below are my 'notes'. I thought I would share a little of how I 'think' when working on a project.

As a Disclaimer: I tend to be more concerned with the process then the outcome. This top may or may not be completed in my life time. Sometimes jotting it down on paper is all I need TO DO.
For this one, I also constructed a couple of blocks (so far I like them) and continued to cut enough strips it consider this a KIT.

Sewing is so fast an easy that I have now upgraded to a 'Work in Progress'
I intend this post to be one to show off the making of the piles so to speak.
Everyone has their own level of organization. I tend to start out headed on the scrappy path and then out of time switch to quick and easy.
Although I would love to say there is only one of each fabric in this top, that is not true, I did try to limit it to 8 blocks with a fabric (only b/c I like to cut in multiples of 4 or 8).

Even with a favorite fabric showing up in several blocks they can look different by pairing with a different mate.
Here is the Lights & Darks set.
I didn't split the centers into 8 Lights, 8 Med, 8 Darks (on paper that would have been the logical thing to do) It was just quicker to use what I had cut out so I didn't pay attention to how many of each.

Because I already had some strips cut, I pulled from my scraps other material to supplement.
I then cut 2 1/2" strips trying to make piles of L,M,D (when you do your top, you can sort by RW&B, or any color combo you like)

After I had enough strips I sub-cut into 6 1/2" and 5(ish) and 2 1/2" sqs.
I will do a follow up post showing how to sort these out to get a scrappy disbursement of the materials
I am all about keeping it fast and easy (and enjoying making the block/top/quilt). I will also do a post showing block construction tricks that speed it along. This morning I pieced 24 blocks in a 1/2 hour. to make the sets.