Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RW&B pt 1

Normally when I post, I add my photos first and then write my 'story' round them.

For some reason tonight I have several ideas I want to get in print and am not sure where I am going to start.

Instead of sitting at the keyboard waiting until my brain figures it out....I decided to just start writing and 'see what happens'

Here goes----

Last week, good friend Pam told me about a shop having a 'yard sale' on items not getting moved to the new location. I did a brag post on the huge amount of scraps (fats, strips & yards) that I brought home.

I am proud to say that it is all sorted, some has been re-gifted and some has been set aside to age.

I saw a top the other day that got me to thinking that I wanted to make a similar piece.
I will do a post on that block after a bit.
My motivation was to use some of my new scraps and create a quilt that has a Red White and Blue feel to it..
I drew out what I wanted and tonight sewed up a practice block.
As usual I now have several ideas of how I want to proceed.
I am thinking about showing the blocks and the thought process and letting cyber friends vote for a layout or design. Kinda like a 'flip a coin' without the flipping.

As a disclosure for me Red can be any red in this case the reds are leaning towards civil war repos
Whites can be any lights (as you can see mine in this box are tans and creams)
And Blues are what is on hand
In case you worry I won't have enough, rest assured, my scrap wall can fill in where I am lacking from this busted NO BUY.
Part II will be showing off the top Jennifer made and my thoughts on how I would do a similar one (If that is what the cyber friends vote for me to do)
Before you start feeling the pressure, know that I am prone to making TO-DO's and Kits so even if you persuade me to commit to something, don't hold your breath.
Be good. cw