Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Flowers for Sarah

Sarah asked me a couple of months ago if I wanted to make the flowers for her wedding.
As the mother to the Bride of course I said YES!.
Sarah's request is that the flowers look like I 'made' them. She did not want artificial flower arrangements.
We did a couple of searches and found ideas but none 'spoke' to me.
I am a fan of wait till the last minute and see what pops into my head.
Sarah originally said- scrappy, home made, artsy.
Scrappy is harder to pull of then she thought. I insisted she pull the fabrics she wanted me to use.
She decided on a pink floral dress that was in the heirloom stash from her grandmother. To add a bit of scrappy I paired it with misc. pinks.
My button collection is almost non-existent. I may have to beg,borrow, or steal a few from friends to get this project finished by next Saturday.
To keep the flower's fun we decided to make wands! Each attendant will have a 'bouquet' which will be broken down and guest can have a flower to play with.
Karlee has already given high praise for this idea. She has picked out the one she wants
I decided to do a preview to show off progress from today.
The stems are fabric covered wooden skewers. I still have to add the leaves and bundle the bouquets.
My girls are just too much fun!