Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sneak preview of new kid's room

Floors are done and permission to start moving in has been granted.  The room took a bit longer then expected but well worth the time.  We did all the work ourselves (when I say we, I really mean hubby did most of it)  This is oldest daughter former bedroom converted to Grandkids (and Grandma's) Room.

 The smaller toys were made into a vertical blind for the window.  I may or may not end up making curtains for a bit of privacy during over night visits.  An old bar stool was converted into a night light.  Several wooden toys were dismantled and attached to the legs of the stool.  The top is much loved toy with some modifications.  I added beads and blocks.  I used a stacking set of blocks glued together in a tree formation and wrapped Christmas lights around it top to bottom.  When plugged in a nice glow of soft light shows through.
 Another piece made just for this room is our art station.  An old book case was painted black.  The kids and I then decorated it with pieces of wooden toys, blocks and shapes.  This is a perfect place for all the "How to Draw...." books I have collected over the years.  The dresser this sits on has drawers for color book and stamp/pads, stencils etc....
 I am not sure if I am going to shorten the lego lamp or move it to another part of the room.  I like it up on the dresser but the scale is a bit off.  The children's guitar hiding in the back ground will get mosaic-ed and then find a special place to hang.
 35 years of being a mom/grandma and my toy collection is still bigger then theirs--lol  Most of these toys will get passed around between homes over the next few years.  Ninja turtles, toy cars and misc small action figures, we have had a lot of fun and hours of play with all of these over the years.  Tinker Toys/Lincoln logs along with Little People sets, Potato Heads , totes of action figures and toy box full of legos are all being passed around by the grand kids.  When one mom yells clean this all up, it goes on to the next family that wants it.  (I seriously think some of the mom's have been adding to the pile b/c by the time it gets back to me it looks larger--lol)
 Kelly and Sarah had first dibs on the book,  I kept back a few favorites and let the rest go on with No bring backs.  I kept a small bookshelf that I need to organize, bet I can find a few more books to part with.  Some of these are from the 1950 and '60's.
 I hid a few of the I Spy and Science To Do books for educational purposes.  Yeah, that's my story!
The new cat, Max, has made himself at home.  He has set claim to the kid's room and can be found on the futon bed quite a bit.  Breely and Andrew are the first two to have spent the night in the new room.  Max kept a close eye on each one.  Don't know how he survived not getting roll over on but he did.