Friday, June 25, 2010

Quilt it OUT-?

This top was a yard sale rescue, I moved a couple of the stars around and then added white borders. (I couldn't match the blue)
Happy to say it is now quilted and bound. This top has personality (nice way of saying not a flat top) In the spirit of 'quilting it out', I think I did a pretty good job.
I have always been blessed to have lower expectations so when a piece turns out OK, I am happy.

This is well worth sharing- FYI, I can quilt it out- sometimes I just choose not too~

Humorous Quilting Video set to Cathy Miller's song 'You Can Quilt That Out,' depicting the life of a longarm quilter. Video made by Mavis Rosbach, Quiltbird Studio, for "the Buzz on the Longarm Biz' class originally presented at the Georgia Quilt Show October, 2008.
www.quiltbirdstudio .com
www.singingquilter. com
The fabric I used on the back was from a bolt I have had for over 10 yrs. Thought I would never get to the end of it. This quilt made good dent and now I can brag it is off the bolt and down to a folded piece and some scraps.