Tuesday, June 8, 2010

String Block Quilt class June-2010

Whether you choose to piece your strings on paper or fabric, I think you will find this is a fun block to sew to use up your scraps.

Some may prefer foundation blocks cut from old sheets. Other may like newspaper or phonebook pages. I have tied both and lean towards paper (I like the mess it makes when you tear it off!)

If you are sewing to a fabric foundation, use a normal stitch length.

(On a paper foundation, use as short a stitch as you can, it will perforate the paper and make it easier to remove)

Center your first strip face up on the diagonal of your square.

Place your second strip right side facing the center strip. Line up the edges of the fabrics and sew using a 1/4" seam. Press open if you like. I usually just finger press and go on. Continue adding strips until the block is the size you want.

Make your blocks in any combo you like. Try going lights on one half, darks on the other. Or alternate Red White and Blue strips. Whatever you can think up, will look good. Only rule is start in the center on the diagonal.

For this class the challenge is to make at least 2 donation blocks (8 1/2") from the scraps provided. Feel free to mix in your own Red Whites and Blues. We will use the blocks next class to make a small top.

For you own fun, experiment using different size blocks to start with. Piecing with strips can be done on any shape you like, any size you like. Save the pieces you cut off, we will use them in a later project.

String quilts have been a traditional way to use up scraps for many years. Please bring a picture or better yet a favorite string quilt to share next class time.