Saturday, April 2, 2016

Your UFO, my UFO it's still a UFO

To make a short story long-- Erin sent me a pack of blocks intended for another friend on her site.  Lucky for me I passed them along to their rightful owner.  What a lovely surprise when these black and white beauties showed up in my mailbox!  Thanks Erin, your UFO's are now MY UFO's and may or may not be UFO's much longer.

I love the B/W and the green just pops!

I am hoping to add a yarn embellishment to enhance the flowers a bit. Several of these blocks still need appliqued to the backgrounds.  At first I wanted to make many different color flower outlines but the cheapo in me settled for one skein of yarn
 Since most of these gifted blocks are black on the left and white on the right I think I may break them up with an alternate block between them.
Took a bit of searching but I did find a pack of B/W & Pink butterflies.  These are started on 8 1/2" backgrounds I will need to figure out a way of getting down to 12 1/2" total preferably with out having to  cut new backgrounds.

I 'found' this Black and Pink and had to bring home a couple of yards just in case I wanted borders or binding.
 I may have the use the print to border the flowers to get them up to size.  Really don't want to take the time to size down the butterflies.  So many decisions, no wonder we have so many UFO's!!