Sunday, May 22, 2011

GO triangles 55027

I got several new dies in the other day.  Spent a little time cutting up a few kits for future use. 

I wanted to try out my new triangles in sq 3" finished die.

I also have the 3 1/2" sq I hope to use in a scrappier version.

Karlee likes the colors in this piece so if I finish it, it will be for her.  I had just enough of the floral to cut for a total of 16 blocks.  I should be able to use the scraps to make her name.  I asked her if she wants me to put "Karlee"  or "Karlee Faith" on her quilt.
She said, let me think........can you do Jesus loves Me?

This blocks sews up fairly fast.  For my scrappy version I hope to add 4-patches in the corners in blue and tans.  The star blades will be solid reds and the center a 4-patch red scrappy.  I may decided to crumb the centers.  

I will have to pull fabrics and see what I already have in my 2 1/2 strip bin to start with.

Now I just need to decided on the 'background' fabric.  Do I do it all the same or go scrappy creams and tans?