Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2nd Mosaic

Another collaboration piece.
I wanted to break up a white plate with red trim (the only red I have at the time)
There was just not enough to go all the way around so we spaced it out and filled in with white background.

I wanted to do a swirl.  Karlee wanted to use the red globs we found at the Thrift Shop.  We did both in a glob-ie  swirl!  We used all the red pieces.  Karlee thinks it looks like a blue twirling sun with cherries falling off.   Oh, to be 5 again!!
What an imagination,  it is obvious this is a turtle- lol

What shall we make tomorrow?  Stay tuned.
I think we will grout this weekend.  I want to let the plates dry and see if I need to fill in any empty areas.