Monday, July 30, 2012

Creative Side trying out a little Mosaic

I wish I had my camera earlier when the grand kids were helping me break plates.  Lane wears his safety glasses and gloves.  He layers the plates and covers them with a cloth.  He has several hammers he likes to use depending on the size he is wanting to break.
Karlee wears gloves and picks out the usable size pieces.  She helps Lane re-stack for the next round.

The other day we decided we needed a new project for summer.  We found a dozen glass microwave shelves at the Thrift Shop.  I thought they would make a nice base for some Mosaic Yard Art.

This piece is designed by Karlee (age 5) and me.  It is our first collaborated piece.  I think she will have many ideas over the next few years.
We laid out the checked pieces and were happy there were enough to go around the out side.
Karlee came up with the idea of making a face.  She also chose yellow for the background.  I think it looks like a sun.
Tomorrow we learn how to -grout-

I think I am going to like this new way to be creative.  Dibs on your broken plates!!