Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working on organizing the bottles for mosaic work

It is hard to tell from this first photo, but these are three sets of display shelves.  The local grocery store is updating and I was able to purchase shelving to use in my new outside area.
I still need to take the peg board off and rearrange the shelves to work with my ceramic plates and cups.

This unit of shelves was set up to store bottles prior to use.  I have plans to cut and/or break the glass to use in mosaics and possibly a glass wall (we will see)

I would like to set up a work station outside on the downstairs patio.  This area is not seen from the road and has the upper deck as partial protection from the weather.  The shelves are coated metal so I am not worried about them being exposed to rain or snow.

Disclaimer:  We don't drink so I have to dumpster dive for my bottle collection.  I really want to start a bottle tree but may have to wait till other projects get finished before I start.

Here is a photo of my friend's tree and a mosaic piece Nancy did.