Friday, June 21, 2013

yardsale, shop till we drop

Two grand daughters of a friend from church are visiting me today.  We started the day out hitting thrift shops and yard sales.  Three of my grand kids joined up with us about half way through my spending money-lol

I think there are going to be several families that are not going to be happy when they see what their kids bring home!

Breely kept the Flinstone collection and the Dora dolls.  Karlee is keeping the Scooby Doo set and Disney.  Lane has the Super man friends.  Not pictured are Amelia's  set of Simpsons family and Tweety birds.  Jasmine has Looney Tunes (I stole the Rooster)  Ben gets Mario and Madagascar animals.  Andrew is getting the Monster inc.

I kept the giraffee for a friend and am negotiating for the zebra-  we will see who wins that one.

Special thanks to Carol for letting me steal her girls today.  I have had a blast spending quarters and dimes!