Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yardsale find, Lone Star needs background

I decided to go with a flat black for the corners and sides. The print went on the back and will brought to the front for binding.- cw

I Picked up this 'star' at a yard sale for $5.

It lays out flatter than this picture suggests.

I had no idea as to what background to try use. My creams look to close to the lights and I really didn't want to go white.

I considered black.

Mary made the suggestion that I look for a print to busy it up a bit.

Lane and Karlee went with me to the big box store and helped pick out the fabric. It has all the colors of the star and a bit of green too.

The kids were rather pleased with their selection. I was too. Enough so that I purchased enough to do the back too.