Thursday, March 18, 2010

SpiderWeb Scrappy

I have been wanting TO-DO a spiderweb quilt for awhile now. The other day (OK a couple of weeks ago) I started cutting strips.

My thought was I would make strip sets and then cut the triangles and then piece to the background 'kite' shape.

Note to self: Make a pattern and try it out on scraps.
The first couple attempts all ended up being made into potholders!
I finally got a block size I liked. Not too thrilled with the background 'salmon' color. It is just too different from my scrappy stuff. My pinks fade in too much for my taste.
I was going for a rough look, not using same size strips. If I do this again I will most likely use a larger strip to start. Last night I decided I just don't like it enough to finish so I border out the sqs that were done and called it finished.

These wedges are harder to keep straight then I thought they would be. Next time I am taking my time and pinning~
After having it hang on the mini-blinds, I am re-considering my dis-like for this piece. I most likely will add another outer border and do some applique- It's never over till it wants to be over.