Saturday, January 30, 2010

What to do with an old mirror- My Favorite Color is SCRAPS

I hate to throw anything out. I am in the middle of a deep purging cycle (lucky for me it only happens every 25 yrs-lol) and I have a mirror that is challenging me to "make it" into something worthy of being hung in the sewing room.

Easy answer is hang it on the door- it is one of those cheap hang it on the back of the door mirrors anyway. The frame is broken (different story- put the blame on me) but the rest is in OK shape.

One thought was to mount it horizontal above the closet door and hang sun-catchers on it. I may still do that but I only have a couple of sun-catchers and they like hanging in the kitchen window. Although that does open up the opportunity for me to start looking for more, but I digress.

I temporally put it in place above the closet and am quizzi happy with the idea that it is eventually going to go up for real. Problem is with a mirror that high up it doesn't have anything to reflect except for the ceiling. In fact it kinda makes the wall above the closet look like it has a narrow opening or crawl space.

My next thought was to string something and let the mirror reflect that, kinda a 3-D effect. Then I remembered I am not a stringer but I can hold my own in the gluing dept. Do you remember the pictures people use to do gluing seeds or buttons on stuff. That is what I want to do. BUT instead of seeds, I think I want to go more toward buttons and beads with a little sequence and glitter if I get that far.

Question now is what can I come up with to cover a 18 x 48 surface?

A quilt pattern would be the obvious first choice but if I want a quilt I can sew one quicker than I can glue. I am not an artsy person so I am going to need pattern to get me started. The only 'seed' ones I think I have are large roosters.

I have the mirror shined and laying out on towels. The glue is standing by. The container of buttons and beads and other misc are sitting waiting their turn.

The big question is WHAT am I going to do?

A saying? An applique pattern? A mess most likely. Whatever I decide to DO- I will make sure to share a picture when I am done.

(My rational brain is kicking in and I think is going to make me doodle some things down before I am allowed to pick up the glue) We'll see......... cw

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