Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mirror ART (?) Reveal

And to think, I don't even drink--sure looks like I was on something to start this.

Mirror was left over from one of the girls. Jewelry is from my grandmother's costume collection. Misc pieces came from my junk drawer.

Letters are formed from necklaces and bracelets and some with beads. I did purchase the little sq. mirror shapes to add dimension & a pack of charms (Faith, Hope, Love). There are a couple of pieces from Hubby's mom's yard sale pile.

I am a little surprised at the lack of color to this piece, does that make it timeless? Maybe my brain just interpreted the "scraps" with out the "S's" (lol)

It is hanging up above the closet, the fingerprints don't reveal themselves in real life BUT I will stand on a chair and polish the mirror.

In the grand scheme of things I would rate this above "macaroni art" but a tie for a good button colloge.

I would like the thank the makers of craft-clue for making it possible to adhear the metal pieces securely.

Now that this is off the TO-DO list I can get on to more important distractions.- be good cw