Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let the Sewing Begin- again- 2010

Our church quilting group meet for the first time this year. I am so excited to be a part of such a fun bunch of gals. I always like to see 'new' people join us. Thanks Pat for bringing Sher, I hope you both learned something new to you.

I was telling the group that some of my cyber friends also hang out in yahoogroups. Hopefully a few will check them out. My favorites are stashbuster@yahoogroups.com and quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com Both of these groups seem open to newbies and are great for lurkers too. (Raising my hand- love, love, love the eye candy!)

I also have other groups that that I just like to 'see' what gals are doing, most yahoo groups can be set to a digest form of getting info. I like to look at the new pictures and occasionally comment on what people are doing, for the most part I just lurk.

Tonight's class was on paper-piecing and we were challenged to complete TWO heart blocks to donate for a group quilt. If anyone wants to join a group that takes paper-piecing serious- check out CarolDoakQuiltingGroup@yahoogroups.com "paper piecing" that will excite and challenge you.

Our class was a little less demanding. We had two blocks to work with. One had all the steps complete on the original piece of paper. The other was a two-part pattern. We were able to get one 95% finished before having tech. difficulties with the sewing machine. (My bad, I was going to get to the building early and do a little tune up but was running late.) We did get the concepts down and got to enjoy digging through scraps to take home for practice.

Basics to Remember on paper-piecing

1- for smaller blocks, use small strips/scraps

2-shorten your stitch length (makes it easier to tear off the paper)

3- respect the seam allowances (don't cut yourself too short) (Do as I say not as I do-oops)

4- save your scraps- we are doing crumbs later (I haven't shown them what crumbs are, I will let some be surprised!)

5- Remember to put right sides of fabric together, hold up to the light to see that the seam is covered, sew directly on the line, trim after each seam. (I know that is a lot for Five steps but I didn't want to sound bossy-lol)

We looked at examples of pineapple block, sunshine and shadow, log cabin/courthouse (all great for saving strips and strings) Mary M will bring a top next time for show & tell.

Linda was nice enough and showed up early to help me get things lined out. Don't know what I would do without her.

Mary S made my day by being on time (just kidding, we have been begging her for years to join us and due to scheduling it has been hit and miss- hopefully this year will be a few more hits)

Ladies in attendance got to pick from a pre-printed valentines fabric blocks for a piece to use as a focus block or label. I can't wait to see what the quilters come up with.

This is the first year that we have on-site storage for our 'stuff'. Hubby moved a nice size cabinet over for the quilters to use. We have it full after one meeting. How nice this is not to have to carry everything home. Both of the machines I brought up need a little attention, Linda offered to bring her new machine in to have on hand. I have been collecting extra rulers and mats to take to group and now I can just leave them at the building.

Dawn came up with the idea of a swap. I qualified it by saying that anything "taken" and not used by August has to be brought back. (I am meaning kits) I am hoping to go on a mission trip to El Salvador in Sept and am looking for projects to take with me.

This is a bit wordy, especially for not having any photos. I will edit in a shot or two of our blocks, just to busy tonight to pick up the camera. (done) Two points for getting a couple of quilts trimmed for bindings.

If you didn't make it out tonight (it is so cold here) and want a copy of the pattens we are using, give me a shout and I will make sure you get them. You will be expected to make two for the donation top before the next meeting.

This year my motivation for the group is in memory of my mentor, Hope. She influenced my love for scrappy. I learned paper piecing from her before it was a popular thing to do. I am looking forward to showing off a few of the pieces she helped inspire me to make.

This pattern will be shared with the gals that completed the two donation blocks.

Take care- be good- cheryl