Friday, February 5, 2010

Testing a block idea

I am teaching a class starting in March based loosely on the layer and cut idea. (stack and whack)

I was playing around with a yd of material that I like the colors of but there is not enough to do multiples.

I was able to get Nine 4-patch blocks cut at 4.5" and some left overs that may make for an inner border.

This may end up being one of those tops that just gets to grow as the mood hits. I want the gals to realize that one doesn't have to stick to the pattern but to feel free to use what she has and work outside the box. (as a disclaimer- I know it looks wonky but it is just the way it is hanging on the mini-blinds)

These four blocks are the same sq. turned with a different center.

Each is unique. I think I like the look where it swirles a little form the center out.

I am thinking I want to strip with black or dark green and see what that does for me.

An On-Point setting, perhaps?