Thursday, February 25, 2010

4th Tuesday FEB 2010 Hearts class

Paper Piecing is not for everyone BUT I am so proud of the gals that tried it.
Some even 'like it."

Twelve hearts were turned in. Each is unique and just wonderful!

My goal is to incorporate the 'home-work' into an additional donation quilt.

Linda and I stayed after class and pieced the blocks using the D-9 pattern

Special thanks to Mary M for bringing a beautiful quilt to share. Her paper-piecing skills are just fantastic. She also free-motioned quilted it on her home machine. (Another skill our group is going to learn this year)

Dawn brought a large print floral top she is working on for her mom- just fantastic!

Of course I didn't get pictures- my bad. Linda had to remind me to get a shot of the heart blocks after the meeting.

Sherry brought in scraps to add to the 'crumb' box- can't wait to get to that class! She also did the pink panther heart block. It is great!

Pat and Dawn both made additional blocks in Americana fabrics to keep- which is a good idea, they can be used along with other things we are doing to make a small quilt.

Debbie H and Edna both missed the last class so we did a little catch up on the How-To's, Debbie finished one heart block and it is in the group quilt.

One of the donation pieces we worked on last year was trimmed and is ready to be bound.

We have a very fun group this year and I am looking forward to seeing what each of us can get done. Next month is a class on stack-and- whack- we will discuss concepts, fabrics, patterns and see how it goes. I have at least 6 quilts in mind from this way of layering and cutting. Can't wait to see if the others get as excited as I am. be good - cheryl