Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kits for Kids in Haiti

Where we attend church there are several teachers that worship with us. I don't have all the details but there was a note about school kids making kits to send to the kids in Haiti. Each Kit is to have a bottle of shampoo, a comb, soap, toothbrush & tooth paste and a hand towel.

A request was made for donations of the listed items to take to school with one of the teachers.

I volunteered my Bible class to put KITS together and if others would purchase the shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes the quilters would make the hand towels.

Mary and Dawn (and Dawn's mom) came over earlier to help in the project. Mary brought her serger and hemmed close to eighty towels. (Linda and I had pre-cut hand towel size from ones left from my mother-in-law)

We decided to pretty them up a bit and added....... you guessed it: Butterfly appliques! We also make a couple of dozen using Loony Toon applique characters.

We are getting together this Sunday to put it all together. I think the children are going to be thrilled to get to assist with such a worthy cause. I am sure mom would be thrilled to know I cut up all her towels! (Barb was very generous to mission works and I am sure that she would have given them to me if I asked.)

I was tossing these in a box as fast as I could. The kids can fold them Sunday.

And a side story: When I asked Hubby to run by mom's and let me grab the towels for this project he worried that I needed to 'ask' someone first. My response was: If the LORD is taking the time to move me to good works, who am I suppose to ask if it is OK?

I realise that his concern might be that store bought towels might look better. I can pretty much guarantee that when one is in a disaster situation, a kit like these is appreciated whether it is purchased or hand made. My note of encouragement to others is: Don't let others slow you down when the LORD intends you to be moving. If it is in your heart to DO IT, then IT is a good thing.

I am convienced that these little "towels" are going to be used in a good way. -- cw