Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flannel, it's not just for Erin

Cyber friend ERIN has been working on a buzz-saw top made with flannels. I have enjoyed seeing her progress. The other day when (un)messing around in the store room I 'found' a small box of misc flannel scraps.

Today when live body friend, Mary was over, and we decided to sort through and see what we could come up with. We hope Erin will be able to put some of this to use in the buzz-saw or another project.

I know I am going to loose a few points for keeping some of the flannels for myself but Mary talked me into it. Besides if I don't cut into them, I can always gift it out later.

Holiday prints are going to Mary for something warm and cute. Knowing her she will use it to cheer someone up.

Pastels went home with Mary to be used in a baby quilt. I am getting a new grand-daughter in June and I know she is going to love her quilt from Auntie Mary! (hint hint)

These two sets just scream too get used in a small project. What TO-DO, What to do? Are they backgrounds or focus fabrics?

AND....... Drum roll please.........

These prints were at the bottom of the box- I didn't know I could get so emotional over scrap fabric. I don't know what they will end up in, but I venture to guess it will be on my bed when it is finished!

As a disclaimer: I don't normally work with flannels other than to make an occasional baby blanket or back of a small quilt. Most of the flannel I have had is hand-me-down. I am not even 100% sure where this box came from.--- cw