Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fingers crossed I can work on this top this evening.  Sewing Chunks is fairly fast, especially b/c you only sew 2 of each.  Kelly laid the 9-patches out and all I   have to do is pick them up and sew!
this is both A-1

this is two each of A-2 thru A-5  The chunks are separated by lg rulers as dividers.

I like to start in the middle with the "C" row and then add the "B" to both sides.
This quilt is made with 2 1/2" strips and should be 90 x 90 in the center.  Kelly is wanting to do 8 1/2" borders w/applique flowers (She will cut the shapes I will raw edge applique)  The 6 1/2" outer border will be piano keys made from the extra 2 1/2" strips.  We are shooting for a large king quilt for their bed.  (118 x 118)  many of these fabrics are left overs from their wedding quilt 6 yrs ago.  (Anniv was in March but I didn't say which year I would gift the quilt- lol)

Kelly will quilt it when she gets around to it. (Best DIL ever quilting her own gift)   I called dibs on getting to enter it in at least one show sometime in my lifetime.  I am not normally a pastel (springy) person so having Kelly around expands my pallet.  I tell her I would never do this much work for anyone else but her!