Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chicken Quilt update

I LOVE this TOP!  When my friend Pam asked if I would consider doing a commissioned piece for her company to use in an auction for scholarships I said "YES"  (I will consider anything once- lol)

My original plan was to be done by the end of January so this piece could hang at the main office until the event in June.   You know about plans and fabric, they don't always come together.  Sometimes one just needs to be in the right frame of mind to work on creative pieces.
 My 'frame' of mind got a boost a couple of weeks ago when I took a long weekend at the lake.  Yes I brought my machine and fabric.  It was fun to have uninterrupted time to make the sketch come to life.
This top is probably the closest I have come to staying true to the original sketch in a long time. lol

I LOVE flying geese, these were done with the focus fabric in a layer and cut method.  I really like how the the pieces repeat themselves with out being obvious.
Again the repeats in the kaleidoscope block are just too much fun!

Now to press and quilt and this unique keepsake can find a new home.

and....   I can play with the scraps!  win/win