Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wedding quilt Lg Tumblers

This is by far one of the fastest tops to make.  Last night our quilt group got together and shared fabrics.  I die cut using the large tumbler and my GO.  I tend to make quilts what ever size they turn out to be.  Today I was 'dealing' the prints out to make packets for the gals to sew and return.  My niece was over at the house and she suggested adding the yellow background print.
I think it just really turned this top into something to be proud of!  To top off the 'way to go' moment, this entire top was sewn in under 2hrs.  (that is fast even for me- lol)  The borders were found already cut out just waiting for the right project (thanks Kelly)
Special thanks to LaDonna for bringing a king size sheet for me to use on the back.  We are ahead of schedule on this one.
I warned the ladies that this might be faster to sew on my own then kit up and share.  They have forgiven me this time.  (Seriously, Krystal and I were just going to sew a couple of rows, it was hard to stop)

One way to speed up this sewing is to go random with the fabrics.  I dealt fabric out to 8 piles, then stacked the piles on top of each other, then count out the number I am shooting for (in this case 8)  There were different amounts of each material so I wanted them spread out through the top.

My grandson even helped me chain piece some rows- he cuts and shuffles the two-sies.  I sew a row and then sew the last piece to the first making a tube.

When I get a couple of tubes made I scissor cut through the block to open the row up.  One row gets cut on the colored blocks and the next on the background block.  I don't worry about how the colors lay b/c I like the random look.

Now to find time to get this future keepsake on the frame and quilt it-   cw