Friday, May 14, 2010

Another yard sale find- diamonds anyone?

I don't know if this one is so much of a 'find' as a rescue. I didn't get a before picture.
There were not additional fabrics to finish this top in the direction I thought the maker was going.

I remember this shade of blue from a few years back but didn't have enough in my stash to do any good.

Short version is I had to 're-do' a couple of stars. I took one completely out (couldn't be saved) and moved another to square up the sides.

I considered cutting off the points to give me straight edges. Instead I appliqued white borders on to try keep a usable size.

Now that I have it this far, what do you want to bet I FIND a blue sheet that matches. Not even going to try look for one. This future utility quilt is getting a white back and hand tied. (Just a bit to wiggly to machine quilt)

Not bad for $5.00 and a couple of hours of fix up.