Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MyQuiltBlog is shutting down their site.

Hello, I wanted to give you advance notice that I will be closing MyQuiltBlog.com in 30 days (June 4, 2010). I hope this give you enough time to move your content to another blogging site. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, Kim Noblin Owner/Administrator MyQuiltBlog.com

I recieved the message from KIM just a bit ago. I hate to see the site close. However I know it is expensive and time consuming to offer a 'free' place to host our blogs so we can post our quilt stuff.
I want to THANK Kim for keeping it going for as long as she has.

Most of us who started on MyQuiltBlog have a Blogger account too. I do the majority of my posts on the blogger site. If you are thinking about saving your material and moving it to Blogger, I would suggest you do so asap.
The start up is not difficult (even I figured it out). I would suggest instead of moving 'everything' over, select the posts that mean the most to you and start with them. You may find it interesting to re-read what you have been sharing this past year. (I know I did when I re-started after the last crash)
I learned TO-Blog from the MyQuiltBlog site. There were many quilters who mentored me from everything from signing in to posting photos. If there are any Newbies that need help feel free to give me a call.
Rhoda, I expect to see you and Bernie move over and when you do make sure I know where you are so I can follow.
You will not be disapointed with the number of old friends you will run into. (You will meet some new ones too)
Again, THANKS KIM for all you have done for this community! be good cw