Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quilt group: Children's I SPY challenge

For May the group was challenged to take a pack, of 48 misc. fabrics and make an "I SPY" donation quilt.

Participants were free to add their own materials to the mix.

We meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. The first meeting each month is a 'learning' class and the last meeting is show and tell and get caught up class.

Not everyone can make each class so there is a lot of catching up of past classes going on.

I did not take a packet b/c I am trying to get rid of my stash (the 12 packets that got handed out didn't make a dent in my children's prints)

Grand daughter, Karlee picked out prints she wanted in a donation quilt. She wanted to do one for a little girl. We didn't 'fussy' cut but did line up fabrics in sets of four. Sets that had a bigger focus fabric were used in the 'corners' and smaller prints were used on the sides and one print was used in all the middles. (We made 9-patches and then cut them doing the D-9 pattern)

Most likely a border will be added and then this little top will be done.

Marcy used many of the fabrics from the packet and add some from her stash.
Her quilt is made using the D-4 method. She sewed 4-patch sets and then sub-cut them into 9 pieces. She mixed it all up to create this beauty.

Mary M. worked hers similar to Marcy's but with a slightly larger starting sq. I think the outer border just makes this top "POP"
Jana is new to the group this year and was concerned that I would be disappointed that she went different route with her blocks-
Are you kidding!! I am thrilled to see that she used the fabric in a pattern that spoke to her. This is a beautiful top.

Some kid is going to be thrilled to call it their own.
Even though the gals were told that these are donation quilts, there was a twist to the night. The tops will be used for us each to practice our Free-Motion quilting (that class starts in a couple of months) and will then be up to the designer to gift as she chooses.
Fingers crossed we will see another dozen or so little I SPY beauties before the end of the year.- cw