Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yard Sale find- hand appliqued

OK, one more from the yard sale stack. (When I find one I usually find several.)

These ladies were hand appliqued. I know I over paid a little but think I can get a nice quilt for my personal collection out of the better blocks.

The quilt was being offered at a sale a friend was doing for her daughter. I think the top was originally picked up at an auction.

The blocks were all hand done and extremely well constructed. I am guessing back in the '40's or '50's. The fabrics are fantastic. There is evidence that this was stored for quite awhile before the top was set together.

The setting seems to have been done more recently (within last 5 yrs or so) The blocks were set in horizontal rows and then sashed with a yellow strip. The back was a newer white sheet and the batting seems to be from a roll sold at local Wal-marts.
If I had to guess, the blocks were made and forgotten. Someone else tried to make the top and possibly a third person got their hands on this to attempt the quilting.
The back will be washed and added to my pile of backs for charity quilts. The batting will be aired out and re-used. The setting strips may get cut down and re-used to set these girls. I am not committed yet as to how I want to proceed. Another possibility is to work these blocks into several projects. I think there were about 30 altogether so I am sure I will find something just right To-DO with them.
Yard sale find for $35.