Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maple Leaf Blocks, yard sale find

Another Yard Sale Find makes it to the top of the TO-DO list.

These Twenty Four ( 12 1/2" )leaf blocks were discovered hiding in a pile of treasures not yet put away.

Normally I would at least iron and re-size before setting the blocks. (I am not into trying to wash them first, I take my chances with poss. running colors)

Because these were hand sewn, I didn't risk re-sizing them.

I sew by sight and these were fairly easy to get matched up. I made sets of four and then spent way to much time considering how I wanted to set them.

This pattern is not a particular favorite so I don't see myself taking the time to do my own. However for $5.00 the pre-sewn blocks looked appealing. Settings can be easy or hard and I ended up choosing easy.

I went with an inner border of 4 1/2" from a white sheet (I think I matched it pretty close) Then a narrow 2 1/2" w/black (again left over sheet) followed w/a wider 6" from white.

I like the simple look to the top. Lane and Karlee came over tonight and they both 'like' it too.

I had considered doing a pieced border using solids and decided against it.

I also considered doing something appliqued and passed.

So for today it is finished as is- a nice size utility quilt. Tomorrow however may be another day and another idea.

I am teaching a class in a couple of months on free style letters. I have been wanting to do something in solids, maybe some sort of ABC 123 or a winter/spring/summer/fall.

It is never done until the binding is on so this one may get one more session at the machine this summer.

Be good - cheryl