Saturday, October 10, 2009

Queen Size Double Knit Flower Garden $20!

applebutter 025 Today on the way home from Apple Butter Making Days in Mt Vernon, MO, we stopped at the Main & Market Flea Market to see what they had that needed to go home with us.

applebutter 021 I have had my eye on this beauty for awhile and keep talking myself out of purchasing it b/c I am supposed to be on a self-imposed NO-BUY.applebutter 022 Any way so much for me ignoring a great price reduction.

I was having a hard time not controlling myself at the original price of $55. When it got lowered to only $20 this baby had to go home with me.

applebutter 023 It is in the wash right now but will be on the foot of our bed for a little keep the legs warm tonight. I just love the weight of a good double knit quilt.

applebutter 024