Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one more D-9 12 1/2” blocks

purple d9 004 I had the fabrics picked out the other day. I knew I wanted to do a quick raw-edge applique but wasn’t sure ‘what’

After looking through sets of what I had on hand I decided the red tulips were going to be the ONES TO-DO. I picked through the pre-cuts and found enough red ones that I didn’t have to duplicate very many. Evidently I went through a ‘RED” stage a few years ago b/c I found several packets of red Tulips.

Must have been around the same time as my ‘blue daisy’ phase b/c I found several sets of those too.purple d9 001This top measures around 70 x 88”. Soon as I find the right dark purple sheet for the back, this one is getting quilted for favorite Daughter-in-Law, Kelly.

She pretty much gets dibs on anything I do in purple, or pastels, or anything else she likes!

purple d9 002 This Top was made using the D-9 concept. I started with 12 1/2” sqs. Sewed them into 9-patches, cut into quarters and re-sewed. It takes FIVE 9-patches to make this layout. You do have to plan your focus block placement on the fifth block b/c that one is then set in a row.