Saturday, October 24, 2009

auction pt II

autction 004 My son call me this morning to say that the auction down the road had a couple of quilts at it. He also said, there was no need to go b/c it was all stuff I already had. (yeah right!)

autction 005 There were a lot of people that showed up to buy mostly b/c of the antiques that were available. After seeing how high the items were selling for I resolved that I was NOT going to be bringing anything home.autction 011 I watched at least a couple of dozen different ladies fondle this top and comment. I figured it would be out of my price range fairly fast. I was hoping that I could at least get a bid in to say I ‘tried’autction 012 I called our son and asked him to run by my house and grab the camera, I was hoping to at least get a few pictures to remember the ‘one that got away’autction 013 He showed up just as I won the bid on a couple of boxes of barbies. I had to they were only $2.00 for choice of box. Sadly the camera didn’t have its card in it. I decided to run back to the house and find it.autction 014 When I got back the quilts were already being auctioned, I didn’t get picture of several of them but did get a few to share. I couldn’t believe how low they were selling for. I assumed it was because everyone was waiting to save up their money for this beauty of a whole cloth hand-embroidery full size top

They started the bid at $200---- no takers, 150---100—50—no one- really? I jumped in at $25- couldn’t believe it!!

I got raised and WON at $45! I am still in shock. The whole set, 2 pillows and the quilt, this is un-real.autction 016 Mike asked me how much paid and I said “I am not sure, I think 45 but I might have mis-understood, it could have been 145- he said, hope it wasn’t 45-hundred! How’s that for a holiday scare.autction 017The pillow tops are in really good condition, I will probably take out the pillows and re-do the case. The quilt has some stains and is headed to take a bath- I am looking for a wall to display it on. Can’t believe how much I LOVE this quilt- I know there is no way I would have made it myself, although I am now looking through my embroidery patterns to see how many of these flowers I have.autction 015

Several other quilts and tops sold before I could get my heart back in the game. I did bid on a couple but only won one other.

I am thinking I need to hang out at more auctions, my ‘other’ find was a little less expensive but priceless to me. A Full size hand quilted grandma’s flower garden- there are a few places to patch but I have period fabric that should work. For what I paid I might not even fix it. Just hang it for display- $30.00- Oh my, the amount of work that went into these pieces- I was in the right place at the right time-

autction 019 - cw