Saturday, October 3, 2009

“Favorite Block” 12 1/2” Exchange

oct09 017 I joined a new to me group awhile back. The quilter’s that hang there are mostly live-body friends and/or cyber-quilting-buddies for different blog sources.

I have not taken on any cyber exchanges lately, mostly b/c of time and rules. This one was a Must-DO mainly because the rules were simple. MAKE A BLOCK YOU LIKE- I can do that! I have a lot of “favorite blocks” I even have a quilt named “My Favorite Things Quilt”.

oct09 010 I know I have had butterflies on my brain this year. The harder I try to use them up and/or give them away, them MORE I find that I HAVE.

My last project was made with quizzi-vintage (old as I am) fabrics and I wanted…. you guessed it- butterflies in the border. I just had to cut them from the fabrics I was using in the top.

I also cut enough extras to do an additional border. After I (my girls) decided no more borders I had a handful of beautiful butterflies that needed a project to show them off.oct09 011 I rather enjoyed embellishing each a bit different then my normal appliqué. It was fun to see what stitches I had and what they could do.oct09 012 oct09 013 I also played with different threads. I am excited to think that peers are going to have one of a kind original mini pieces of art from SW Missouri! Even more exciting is knowing that I AM going to have original mini pieces of quilt art from cyber friends I haven’t met in person.oct09 014 oct09 015 I tried to pick fabrics that the others might not have in their stash. For me part of the charm of an Exchange Block quilt is the different styles, patterns, sewing skill and materials in the blocks.oct09 016 I hope the other participants each do a post of the block they are making so I can print a mini-directory. I am already day-dreaming of how I hope to set this together and can’t wait till next month to see the blocks I get to work with.

ps- I also can’t wait to see what the rest of the gals do with their collection- I’ll keep updating- cw