Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grandma's BRAG!

This morning my grandson Lane woke me up and said that his mom had left a note for me. She had dropped him and his sister off at our house on her way to work (No I didn't hear them come in b/c it was not my normal day to watch the kids)

Any way he handed me a note that said: What do you think this means?

I read it out loud and looked at Lane (age 6) He then handed me a zip-lock bag with a test strip in it. The strip had TWO PINK LINES!

I then turned the "note" over and on the back it said, Oh no! Is Mike pregnant! Love Kelly

I asked Lane if he knew what this all meant and he said NO- I said your mom will tell you later (I didn't know if they had told the kids yet)

I text Kelly to say congrats and that I will LOVE THEM. She wrote back "THEM"?

I said of course there were TWO LINES!!! Not funny-

I'm going to be a grandma- doing the happy dance-

She is the best(est) Daughter-in-law ever.

Different story- When Kelly told me about the last one (Karlee 2 1/2 yrs) She started by saying "Well it looks like Mike won the bet" I asked what bet and she said: "The one where he said I bet you are pregnant"

One more not about any of my grands- good friend at church had a couple of daughters ready to deliver around the same time. She came to church one Sunday and when asked how the girls were doing she said Daughter #1 is dilated to a 5 she should have the baby any time now.

I said: "Wow, my girls never would let me check them!"

I will settle down now and go look for baby material to start some receiving blankets, I only have till spring. cw