Saturday, October 17, 2009

D-9 w/Tulips 60 x 75

flowers d9 006 I have decided to add one more row to this controlled scrappy top. The original idea was to start with 10 1/2” sqs, do the D-9 and figure out something to appliqué before the top was set d9 001Normally, I would pin or use a glue stick to secure the pieces. I am out of glue sticks so tape is going to have to work. If I do this again I will appliqué each flower before I sew the 9-patch. The appliqué goes a lot faster when working with just one block at a time. flowers d9 002 I think I like scrappy better than controlled fabrics b/c I get board looking at the same thing over and over. For this top I used a set of flowers that was left over from a project I did several years ago.

I think they give a little scrappy to the project. This top is on its way to getting in line to be quilted. Don’t know yet who is getting it but I hope they like TULIPS! cw