Thursday, October 15, 2009

fast D-9 w/butterflies

oct09 014 I was messing around last night and appliquéd 24 of the scrappy butterflies to 8 1/2” sqs of this dark pink sheet. I usually do something scrappy to set the blocks but this time decided to do a Disappearing 9-patch just to ‘see’ what it would look like.

Have to say, I am a-liking-it! Very fast- I had another sheet with similar pinks that I used for the 4 side sqs. A green fabric from my stash matched well and was used in the center. The butterflies were placed in the corners.

When I am doing these ‘quick’ projects the idea is to sew and not be stressed about the process. I do not iron but will smooth the block out by hand. I fold the 9-patch in half and then half again and scissor cut the folds apart.

There is no need to resize unless you want too. I sew by ‘sight and feel’ and for the most part end up with pretty flat tops.

oct09012-2 This top is 58 x 78” (I have slightly narrower borders on the top and bottom than the sides.

I like to keep them smaller than 60” so I can use a twin sheet on the back. I like to pull the back to the front to bind.

It takes me a little over an hour to appliqué the butterflies- I still need to draw on the antennae. This style of top takes about an hour to cut and sew up. Not bad for a couple of hours work.

I can see doing this in other colors too. I picked up a light purple sheet the other day at the thrift shop for $1.00, bet I can find a couple of fabrics to go with it.