Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ben turned 2!

When we ask Ben “How Old are You?” He says: “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”

He finally got around to saying: “I’m two” and then he grins. What a ham!

ben 2nd bday 018 This turtle toy was a hit, it bounces and rocks and makes noise.ben 2nd bday 015 Sarah made the cake.ben 2nd bday 003The kids helped Decorate- good job (?)

ben 2nd bday 006 ben 2nd bday 009 Big Bro. Andrew is in line for cake-

ben 2nd bday 012 ben 2nd bday 022 ben 2nd bday 024 ben 2nd bday 040Cousin Karlee is 2 1/2, when I said wow, Ben is as old as you are! She said: “I Don’t think so!- I’m not a baby”