Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost to Scrappy even for me-

When I was gifted this “quilt top” the 24 blocks were sewn  4 x 6- I put it aside b/c it was so puckered there was no good way to quilt it.  I considered just tying it but because of block construction that wasn’t going to work.

My best guess is that the original quilter started to piece the blocks from scraps that were handed down to her.  The hand stitches show several skill levels.  Quilter number two attempted to finish some blocks before deciding she didn’t “hand” sew.  Hate to be the one to tell her that she doesn’t “machine” sew either.

My plan was to take the top down to just blocks and re-size (square up) and re-set.  Plan B was going to be just use the blocks as examples of ‘what NOT to do’ when sewing.  Plan C was to just throw it all away.  After getting it down to block size it was obvious that re-sizing wasn’t the answer.sept 09 006sept 09 005

The blocks were un-stitched and/or cut back into the 9 pieces that made up the block.  In this case 9-patches and setting strips that I was able to press flat enough to re-size and then re-sew the blocks in a smaller size.  What started  as a 12” block ended up at 10” sept 09 025sept 09 024

Four of the blocks were just in too bad of shape to mess with.  The top looks like it was made by a gal smoking crack BUT it does lay flat and will be able to be quilted!  Yeah another utility quilt for taking to the park.

 sept 09 023

This one kinda grew on me as I worked on it.  I always say there is no such thing as an ugly quilt.  I may have to re-think my philosophy!

I am considering a border of butterflies to help enlarge this piece- don’t hold your breath- I have already spent more time then I wanted too on it.  At least I didn’t throw it away.  (Bet that mean’s it will turn into a family favorite!

I can see myself doing this pattern in scraps and solids and strip piecing it in a larger block.  I think an 18” block would give me room to appliqué in the center sqs.  I’ll post a link if I get around to it.  cw