Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More from the 08 Mystery

mystery 001I am missing a lot of photos that I thought I had saved but who knows where. Hopefully Nancy saved the Mystery and we can link to it for reference.

If I have time and she gives me permission, I will try scan the original directions and post a link. This was a fun project and we got such different results!

Mary M.ladiesnight2008032

ladiesnight2008015 Sueladiesnight2Pat S.

MINE! th_quiltmystery08002 th_quiltmystery08001 I decided I would rather have a couple of smaller tops and split this into two lap size. Still not quilted- surprised? NOT!ladiesnight2008014 Sue IIladiesnight2008017 Deb Hladiesnight2008031 Kelly W